The creation of a log house can be divided into 3 stages, i.e. the preparation of timber, the production of the log house and setting up the log house.
Our buildings are made out of pine logs with a thin end of 30 to 40 cm. The log is sawed into beams and seasoned until 18% humidity in a computer-controlled dry-house for approximately 22 days.
The first stage of log house production is carried out in closed, specially equipped hangars. The production process is in accordance with old traditions and manual labour prevails. The thickness of the log walls is not less than 20 cm. Modern technologies enable our clients to observe the process online. They are also always welcome at our factory where they can evaluate whether the house corresponds to what they had imagined.
In Eco-loghomes, the construction and erection is performed by the same masters who produced the log house. Therefore, the client can be certain that the house will be exactly as planned.